Seth Borden, the 24-year-old YouTube star from Massachusetts with over 316k subscribers, has been captivating audiences with his real and spine-chilling ghost-hunting series. However, it’s not just his paranormal investigations that have caught people’s attention. Many viewers have speculated about the eerie coincidence of his last name: Borden. Could Seth Borden be connected to the infamous Lizzie Borden, known for her suspected axe murders?

In a video titled “I’m Related to a Serial Killer,” Seth himself revealed the truth. Brace yourselves: Seth Borden is indeed related to Lizzie Borden. He shares a familial link with the notorious axe murderer from his father’s side. Specifically, Seth is Lizzie Borden’s fifth cousin. His father’s great-grandfather, Clarence, had a cousin named Andrew Borden, whose daughter was none other than Lizzie herself.

Curious about this chilling connection, Seth embarked on a house tour of Lizzie Borden’s residence. Armed with curiosity and a camera, he delved into the unsolved case of the axe murders. His YouTube video, aptly titled “Solving My Family’s Murder/Unsolved Cold Case of the Lizzie Borden Axe Murder,” takes viewers through the historic house, revealing eerie details and attempting to piece together the puzzle of who might have killed Lizzie’s father and stepmother.

Lucas Answered question April 2, 2024
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